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I wouldn't mind playing as Maris Brood in a sequel if her story was properly developed - explaining how she came to be with Shaak-Ti, for example. I know it was outlined in character bios, but I think it would be better explained in-game.

It seems to me that she is very likely to be the focus of some project in the future - given that she appears twice in cutscenes on two different levels, and has a foreboding commentary from Bail Organa on his fears about her path, and could easily be seen as light or dark side. And, more than anything else, she seems completely enigmatic - no mention of her outside TFU.

Now if they would only get rid of the dozy 'nightstick'-style lightsabres...

(Actually, that seems to be yet more evidence for her return - a different-for-the-sake-of-it sabre style...)

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