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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
....with Intel® Core™2

...not to mention I hate Intel
Well that makes sense

People should look at their overall rig a bit closer. The Athlon X2 4600 is by no means a vastly outdated CPU. In fact given, the applications and resolutions most people use, it wont even be fully stretched at the best of times. Unless your CPU is truly defective, then the idea that having a faster CPU (than a dual core 2.3 GHz) makes your 'cursor and clicks faster' is a mistaken one.

However, factors like heat, dust, poor/depleted thermal interface materiel, not to mention a system install that has become top heavy will all contribute to slow downs. Add to that a *truly outdated* GPU and you end up with a ripe candidate for "OMG I need a new PC" It is also an unfortunate side effect that people then develop biases against certain companies

When these biases are based on poor system maintenance and inadequate knowledge, it is this dazed affect of misinformation and ignorance that the big companies(like Gateway) feed off to churn their millions.

Just yesterday, I refurbed a friends x2 4800+ rig. It now has a GTX260 and 3GB DDR1 (was already within Vista 64). All we did was buy the new GPU(originally had a 6200!), and do a dust n clean and re-paste with some arctic silver. On his 1280x1024 output, and the standard apps he uses, it purrs like a kitten, in true 'cool n quiet' Athlon fashion All games running speedily, at 1280x CPU is not bottlenecking, not by a longshot (even with Crysis, Mass Effect, Oblivion etc)

Unless you fold like a maniac, professionally HD Edit/HD Render, then any dual core above 2GHz is more than up to the task. Heck, we all know most games arent even dual core optimised yet...

People that are intent on spending $$ should do it on a GPU or larger display Go for the true, noticeable changes!!


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