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Nothing much happened today. I went to Khoonda and thanked the militia that saved me from the vicious kath hounds. After that, I went onto a deserted plain and began to practice my lightsaber combat. I felt as if my lightsaber had abandoned me. But this is just the life of a farming peasant on Dantooine. I'll continue on with the fall of the Jedi.

As I recall, a squadron of troops was climbing the stairs. By the time I was done with them , every one of their limbs was in pieces. When I got to the bottom of the stairs , I was immediately attacked. I used the Djem So form to deal with the traitorous murderers as I began to fight my way towards the Youngling quarters. I was rapidly tiring. My arms felt heavy as I cut my way through the white-armored troops. I arrived at the younglings’ quarters just as a group of engineers was setting a permacrete detonator onto the blast door that was protecting the children. I dealt with the engineers by force pushing them towards the detonator as it exploded. They were vaporized instantly. I rushed through the gaping hole in the blast door and yelled at the young padawans to quickly get the smallest of their possessionstogether. Ten seconds was all the time I could afford to give them to pack. As my sharp eyes darted over them, I saw that most of the younglings were 12, 13, or 14 at the most .

A fourteen year old boy passed me. I stopped him and asked urgently, “Where are the younger ones?”

The boy replied in a scared whisper, “They snuck off to the J edi Council chambers. I tried to stop them, but anything short of stunning them with a blaster couldn’t turn them! I think they expected the Council to protect them .”

I bowed my head for a moment in grief. The younglings were sure to be dead.

I began to hurry the padawans towards the door while simultaneously checking each bunk room for hiding younglings. I got all of the children out of their quarters, intending to herd them towards the hangar bay, where I would take them aboard my personal ship, [/color]“The Pacifist”. I ’m sure I would have succeeded if not for that traitor Skywalker! A slight hum and a hiss of air were the only thing that warned me of the attack. I dodged away from the strike that would’ve beheaded me if it weren’t for the Force’s powers. I turned and saw Skywalker , his hood pulled low over his eyes . Automatically, I switched to Atari’s aggressive stances. I Force Pushed my opponent down the hall into the padawan’s quarters. My hand flew out, and began to hurl bunks, bedside tables and holobooks at my enemy. For the first 10 seconds of the battle , he was deterred by the ferocity of my attacks. I didn’t have time to notice I was winning before the tide was turned. He leaped at me, attacking with such power I was forced down to my knees! I leapt back up, but not before Skywalker gave me a glancing cut on my left arm. It was a recurring battle after that. He swung left, right, up and down while I blocked and attempted to sneak in an attack. My stamina was plummeting as he forced me down the hall.

When I remember what happened next , I always end up laughing. Anakin had swung a strike so hard at my head that when I blocked it , I was driven to my knees. He used the Force to grab my lightsaber and formed an “X” with my neck in the middle. The traitor then began a speech about how the Jedi were feeble and weak. It was a classic speech . It would’ve fit into a holovid perfectly. I was growing tired of his long-winded oratory, but I decided not to interrupt . After all, one extra minute of life was an extra minute! By now, I knew that nothing could save me and death was imminent. Somehow, I’d accepted that for a fact. My mind wandered as the speech dragged on, and I began to wish that I would die more heroically than it presently seemed I would.

However, I had yet to learn how much can happen in a minute. I saw a human male youngling, possibly four years of age, carrying a Jedi security guard blaster. He snuck out from under a desk. He shook his blonde head and said in a calm, innocent voice, “I don’t like you.” He shot Skywalker directly in the head! The youngling was thrown backwards to the floor. I couldn’t believe it . A 4 year old had just destroyed one of the biggest threats to the galaxy ! You might be thinking it was far too good to be true , and oh, how right you are. While I was leaning against a bunk laughing my head off, Skywalker picked up his light saber and threw it at the youngling.

While deep in thought here in the peace of my home , I wonder what would’ve happened if the blaster hadn’t been set to stun . The poor child’s head rolled to the floor. Anakin got to his feet and glared at me with his yellow, bloodshot eyes as he said in a menacing tone, “You’re next, Jedi!”

I knew it was cowardly, but at that point, I ran. I pushed the child’s corpse into Skywalker , slowing him down just long enough for me to escape . Needless to say , I ran for my life. A minute later, I crashed into the group of padawans I had ‘rescued’, all running down a nearby corridor with their lightsabers activated. We all set out at a brisk run in the direction of the hangar, often encountering the occasional easily dispatchable lone clone trooper….......

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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