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Originally Posted by Ultimate Vader View Post
For every SW fans : Kreia DESCRIBED Revan as the heat of the force. It is because Revan is Kreia's best student. And you should know that she's a liar. Remember her lesson for the Jedi Exile about distrust is an effective shield?

Kreia praises Revan like when Palpatine praises Anakin everytime (but some of them are true, actually, such as Anakin's skill and power). Please don't get mad at me because of my statement. I'm not an anti-Revan, actually I'm a Revan fan, I just want to make the "heart of the force" thing clear.
Kreia seemed to hold Revan in a very high regard and I think she was telling the truth (= her opinion). Also, I don't think "heart of the force" is to be taken literally.

Edit: And why would it make sense to lie about Revan to the Exile? She should know a good deal about Revan's capabilities anyway, since she was a rather important figure in the mandalorian war.
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