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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
I'm going to let my post speak for itself. You twisted the meaning of my words. I would go back a reread. Keep this question in mind: Is this a topic over National Healthcare, or is it a topic over a heavly regulated society? Keep in mind that this topic is also connected to an article.
Point taken, however, you are still failing to show how the "U.S. government will be able to tell you how to eat, talk, walk, buy, and how to do buisness." Perhaps some detailed clarification on how we get to that point could help your argument...


Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Universal Health Care doesn't work, if it did we wouldn't see Canadians run across the border to the United States to see US doctors.
How about some numbers? Specifically, how many people cross the border for healthcare from Canada to the U.S.? And vice versa...? Not to mention what are they crossing the border for exactly (healthcare is too broad, narrow it down)? Also, how does this compare to other countries...? This statement can quite literally be made for every country on earth. Without this info... Straw Man... people going across the border is not an indication that their healthcare is inadequate.

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