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Post -- XJ --

Xtreme Jedi have been round since 98, but in december last year we called it quits.

I'm reviving XJ for JK2.

We were primarily a bunch of aussies but there were a few from all round the world. I'm startin it up now, and even though it may seem a bit early, I thought I could find some people to practice with in JK now in preparation. We weren't the largest of clans, usually having about 12-18 people, but we were a close band who had a lotta fun and a lotta good memories came outa it.

About July last year we had a name change to Xtreme Justice (no-one liked it). Was cause we started playing other games and calling ourselves Xtreme Jedi in a game of q3a was kinda odd. Everyone hated the name, so we changed it back to Xtreme Jedi.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I'm startin up on the old bandwagon, and I'm looking for people who think they'll be heavily into JKO and want to join a clan. It's not really a clan that's heavily into wars, but more just a bunch of guys who like playing under a united name and like kickin the sh*t outa other clans now and then

If anyone's interested, contact me @

or on ICQ - #52212414

or even on the zone - XJ_GonkH8er

preferably icq.

the Xtreme Jedi shall live! (that sounded corny didnt it? lol)

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