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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I was under the impression that the Mandalorians would enslave their victims if they had not fought to the death. Juhani described her homeworld being destroyed and made it seem as though only thousands escaped death. I'm really going off that and the Mongolian Empire's tactics of razing all resistance and oppressing those who surrender without a fight.
They did depopulate what was once the Persian Empire in the 14th Century and did the same a century earlier in Poland, but even the Mongols didn't slaughter everyone. Their usual routine was to destroy the city walls, and set up local satraps to collect taxes.

After all; no matter how many resources you have, you need the workers to supply what the military needs.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Would you recommend that I get the words flowing the most smoothly, or will the chapter suffer by being too long? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Try editing first to maintain the flow. making it too long is something they can deal with

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