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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
With the rules set up the way they are, it's pretty easy to determine if a rule's been broken or not--flaming, porn, and swearing are the big bad uglies that will get people in trouble, and those are obvious to pretty much anyone.
If it were any other forum, I'd agree without question. However, since Kavar's hosts serious and mature topics, that are presumably discussed by people mature enough to understand them, don't you think that in that kind of environment it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain whether a person insulted another person, or just challenged their way of thinking? What I'm trying to say is that most people who participate in Kavar's formulate their posts in a very intelligent manner and sometimes things they posted may be interpreted as a personal insult, while they are in fact more of an outraged reaction to someone's way of thinking. Vice versa may also apply, in my opinion - someone may have insulted another participant, but it may be interpreted as an outraged reaction to their way of thinking.
That's the only reason why I think it might be better that a mod who hasn't participated in a certain discussion be the one who very very carefully monitors and moderates that thread.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
If the person who I'm discussing with specifically in a back-and-forth exchange is the one committing the infraction, I ask another moderator to evaluate it instead so there's no accusation of bias.
I think that's a very smart and objective move.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Understand that people don't like getting infracted/warned/banned, and it's not uncommon to get complaints about bias in those situations.
Very understandable. Nobody likes to be told that they're not acting properly and sometimes people don't even see why something they did was improper. I personally pride myself on never getting a single warning (except maybe one about double posting, or something like that back when I was still a newb) and I'm very careful in keeping it that way.
My advice to other members regarding flaming would be this: No matter how angry somebody's attitude makes you, think before you decide to call that person names, because I know if you think about it, you'll come to the conclusion that there's absolutely nothing to accomplish by insulting someone. What I'd rather do is try to prove them wrong, or show that their way of thinking is not the right way of thinking with appropriate arguments.

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