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Originally Posted by Litofsky View Post
With all possible respect, SD, the only problem that you've mentioned is bias. Besides the disproportionate amount of conservatives to liberals in Kavar's, please inform me what's so wrong. These cryptic warnings are doing nothing (at least for me) other than giving (me) the feeling that something's happening that you're not telling us. I'd appreciate it greatly if you would give (us?) a glimpse as to what this "investigation" is about.
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I'm going to jump in here. If I'm reading SD's posts correctly, I believe he is refering to how the forums are moderated. We have visitors who are liberal, but we also have a high number of moderators that are liberal. There is an inbalance of moderation based upon post edits, deletions, and so forth. Are the moderators editing conservative posts more so than liberals? Are the moderators fueled by emotions, and do they act upon those emotions with bans, editting, or closures?

I didn't want to be involved with this type of isssue, and behind the scenes I tried to distance myself from the problem. Sorry for repeating myself again (for those of you who have read my posts), but this is how I see what is going down.

Everyone who visits, moderates, and posts on these boards are genuinely good folk. We may have different stances on issues, but overall everyone converses in a respectable manner. Religion and politics can be approached by two angles. Conservative and liberal beliefs on both issues sometimes conflict, and at times it can get down right ugly. How does someone moderate a forum where two sides believe they are right? I don't know, and I don't think any of the moderators know. That is why these threads are open. They need our help, and we need their help. Everyone who visits or volunteers on this forum has an agenda, which is based upon a personal and unique perspective. Most of what we bring with us is derived from the world around us. We can have rules that stretch as far as Atlantis, but they will not stop how people view the world. Being a noobie to these forums gives me a unique perception. I see all of these awsome and unique worlds interacting. Outside of these forum walls, the actual world is in chaotic flux. People argue over parking spaces, taxes, oil, and the right time of day. However, here at LucaForums we converse on a level that our leaders can't. We use these threads to find differences and similarities in how another person preceives the human race. I don't think there is any real way to moderate these forums without affecting someone. Regardless about what changes are put in place, there is allways going to be a group that disagrees. If you sum this whole thing up, we are not Democrats or Republicans. We are human beings with feelings, opinions, and voices.

Entering these forums should be the disrobbing of division. Respect, patience, and tolerance should be exercised. My beliefs are true to me, and your beliefs are true to you. I'm not going to tell you that your wrong. All I'm going to ask is that everyone should approach these topics with knowing we are all unique.

I come here for the entertaining nature of LucasArts' products, and I want to share something that I know others also like.

What is everyone? Are you a healer? Are you a divider? Its your choice.

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