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MagnaGuard Stick things? You mean electro staff?
I see that many people prefer double-bladed and dual. And they like unique color crystal and unique hilt, such as curved. Well, I prefer a single red lightsaber with hilt costumized for Djem So , with Djem So as my style and I get the biggest midi-chlorian count in the universe. With that, I can beat anyone, even if they have badass lightsaber. Simple but powerful. That's the point.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Its possible, unless when Shaak Ti fought the MagnaGuards in Clone Wars (the original cartoon, not the new one) was deemed uncanon. She held 2 of those MagnaGuard Stick things (I don't know the official name )

Anyways, I have a list...
Dual Curved Sabers (ala Komari Vosa (or whatever her name was) and Asaaj Ventress), both with shades of either red or blue
Regular and shoto(short) saber, Green and Purple, respectively.
Dual Regular Sabers, both blue
Double Dual Phase Lightsaber (I think I just made that up. Its like a Super Double Lightsaber, but you have the chance to cut your body in half every time )

I'm unusual, aren't I?
You can use Dual Double-bladed Lightsaber with good efficiency. Do you know Illidan in Warcraft III? He wields two moonblades. You can use his fighting style, but you have to shorten your lightsaber blade to make the fighting style effective. Also you need agility (and speed) training and reflex training to do that fighting style, just like a ninja

Rulk Badass 2
Most fun I've ever had with my clothes on!

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