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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
My point is that appointing more mods probably won't help - because then we'd just get the mods arguing amongst themselves, without actually getting anything done.
We actually talk a lot among ouselves in mod forum and in IM--some of the staff I talk to on a daily or near daily basis, so if there's something borderline, more than a few times I've talked to them and said 'what do you think?' before taking or not taking action. There's quite a bit more chatting behind the scenes than most people realize.

One thing I''d also like to say is that when we give an infraction, it doesn't mean we hate someone's guts or necessarily hate the idea that person is talking about. It just means we've found a post that violates the rules and the specific posting behavior needs to be corrected. We know people are going to have bad days, and we mods are going to have good and bad days like everyone else. It's hard not to take an infraction personally, but it's nearly always nothing more than a corrective action to maintain good quality rather than punitive or spiteful.

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