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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
So far no one has proven any unethical actions by moderators, but yet I keep hearing it.

One could argue that seeing as you are a moderator, you wouldn't see any...

Originally Posted by Yar-El
I'm going to jump in here. If I'm reading SD's posts correctly, I believe he is refering to how the forums are moderated. We have visitors who are liberal, but we also have a high number of moderators that are liberal. There is an inbalance of moderation based upon post edits, deletions, and so forth. Are the moderators editing conservative posts more so than liberals? Are the moderators fueled by emotions, and do they act upon those emotions with bans, editting, or closures?
As i've said, a moderators personal feelings, be it political, moral or religious shouldn't (and haven't, as far as I have seen) enter in to things - people may feel sore over being moderated however, and I think that this is a contributing factor.
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