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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
Except we have mods very much like that and people still complain about persecution.

Let's face it, no one is going to be happy with infractions being given. And as they only see what happens on their side, they'll complain about bias. We've had this discussion many times before. The only reason this thread was even made was because there were feelings that moderators weren't doing their job. So perhaps we'll just tighten the reigns on everyone.
Emotional response? People don't agree with you, so you threaten with tighter execution of already established law. Again, are you a healer, or are you a divider?

We can make the argument that this thread was intended to weed out people who disagree, so that they can be banned or infractions could be given. I like you El Sitherino. Just let everyone vent for now. Its good for the release of tension. Kavar's conor is filled with tension. Let them have one thread to let it all out. Sometimes its good to bellow out.

See post #49. I kind of agree with you.
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