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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
well put Yar-el, Obi-wan was the embodiment of what it meant to be a Jedi, regardless of the Order he so valiantly followed, he battled insurmountable odds to maintain the Old republic, and planted the seed's of the new, even without the Prequels It always seems in his character to sacrifice himself for the sake of Luke's Training and the Return of the Jedi
Yep. Obi-Wan and Yoda took the first steps by hidding Luke and Leia. Obi-Wan started Luke's training, Yoda filled in the blanks, and Luke's experiences helped him become a Jedi Knight. All the hopes and teachings of the Jedi were placed onto one person. Once Yoda and Obi-Wan had passed on, Luke was responsible for reconstituting the Jedi. Obi-Wan gave him an impossible task, but he was able to turn the darkest Sith towards the light. He was going to sacrifice himself to do so, and Obi-Wan planted that seed at the very beginning. (symbolism) Connection to Vader was critical. Obi-Wan knew that only family could overcome the thick cloud of the darkside. Fighting Vader as a Jedi alone would not help. There needed to be a connection. Obi-Wan never gave up on Anikan, but he did give up reasoning with Vader. It showed at the end of Revenge of the The Sith. Obi-Wan saw no hope for Vader, but he did see hope for Anikan. Don't fight against the machine, but fight for the man within.

While writting this post, I keep replaying the Knights of the Old Republic theme song. I believe its called Bastilla's theme song. I'm not sure.

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