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Call me impatient... it just bugs me to have a chapter written without having it "published"

Chapter 2- The Seer

The ship Javen was on, landed on the ground just outside the only city on the planet. He slowly and quietly slipped out of the ship, as if a ghost were passing through a wall. He made his way to the front of the city gates, and found a tall gatekeeper. The gatekeeper’s hair resembled the Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine, only it looked like four ships had lost all their oil as well. His eyes were a pale blue, like that of lightning, his face was covered in sweat.

“What do you…” The gatekeeper started, but then noticed the lightsaber hanging down off of Javen’s belt. “Oh, Master Jedi. Please forgive me, I assume you want entrance into the city?”

Javen nodded, slowly. “Tell me, where is the nearest cantina. Space travel always leaves me quite… famished.”

The gatekeeper bowed, and said, “The Cantina is just in the center of town, right by the big statue of the Miralukan woman, Visas Marr.”

Javen nodded, and stepped forward. The gatekeeper swung the gates inward and ushered Javen through. Javen looked around town a bit, asking any helpful being on the planet that could point him to a closer cantina. However, his attempts to find a closer one was in vain, it appeared that the only one was right in the center of town. Javen eventually wound up on a crowded street, and noticed the statue about fifty yards from his position. He sprinted forward, and turned towards the closest building, and rushed in.

Javen looked around inside, and the smell of the place nearly made him puke. It smelled somewhere between a Hutt and Bantha dung. It was a large open space, with a gigantic oval in the dead center of the bar. The barkeeper ought to be a little more help than the gatekeeper. Javen thought to himself. Javen pulled his hood up over the back of his skull and walked silently to the barkeep.

The barkeeper was polishing a dirty glass, but his efforts seemed wasted, as he was using a dirty rag to try and clean it. He glanced at Javen with his peripheral vision, but otherwise didn’t acknowledge the Jedi’s presence. Javen cleared his throat, and the barkeeper turned towards him.

“Yes, how can I help you?” A short stocky man said. He had golden eyes, with snow white hair, he wore a black apron over his ragged clothes.

“I’ve been told, by a certain reliable source, that there are a few Miralukans here on Katarr. So I assumed that the local barkeeper would know where to find one. It’d quite be worth your while if you helped.” Javen said, fingering his brown pouch filled with credits. I must be on my guard, he seems to know the dark side quite well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a dark Force user. Javen said, to himself.

“Perhaps, and perhaps not.” The barkeeper replied, apathetically. “Depends on how big your… pocketbook is. Information such as that doesn’t come cheap.” Javen untied the brown pouch and dumped the contents onto the counter. “Hmmm… nope, that isn’t satisfactory, sorry but n…” Javen interrupted him, by pulling out several handfuls of credits from his pockets. “Ehhh…”

“Well, take it or leave it. That’s enough to buy a small castle on any planet.” Javen said.

The barkeeper looked at the large pile, and then up at Javen, then back down at the pile of credits. “Alright, alright… come with me.” He began whispering lowly, so others wouldn’t over hear. “There’s a Miraluka that bought this place, he lives in the upper complex of the cantina, he offered it to me to run.”

Javen grinned from ear to ear, and followed the man to the back of the cantina to a concealed room full of alcoholic drinks. The man opened a side door just to the right of a small table with death sticks on it, and pushed Javen inside. Javen looked around the small enclosed space, and noticed a small spiral staircase going upwards. He slowly began to climb up the stairs, keeping his grip on the railing, refusing to look down. After a few minutes, Javen slipped on some water that had been spilled on level ground.

“Ahhh… Master Jedi.” A bodiless baritone voice said, quietly. “I’ve been expecting you, however due to the rarity of your mission, I can only question whether or not it’s the one that I was expecting. Please, set your lightsabers to stun, I will have me best men fight you. If you defeat them, then I will reveal myself to you.”

Javen nodded, and turned the lightsabers down a few notches. About twenty mercenaries came charging at Javen, but he was much quicker, and had already had his lightsabers drawn. The soft hum, and ‘heartbeat’ of the sabers shot Javen’s adrenaline sky high, already ready for battle, Javen jumped forward, closing the distance between the mercenaries and the Jedi Apprentice.

An aqualish mercenary drew his vibrosword and stepped forward to greet Javen in battle. Javen easily parried and blocked every move the mercenary threw at him, and began a set of his own slashes, flurries, and stabs. Javen easily disarmed the mercenary, and stunned him, turning his attention to the remaining nineteen. The battle that commenced shortly afterwards was not a long battle, quite the contrary, it seemed as though it had ended when it had begun.

“Very well, I will keep to my promise.” The voice said, again. A blind, eyeless teenager appeared out of thin air. He had short blond hair, with frosted spiked tips, he wore a set of brown and white robes, similar to a Jedi’s. The young man tied a long, clean white rag over his eye sockets, then turned to face Javen.

Javen’s jaw dropped. A teenager! How the bloody hell am I supposed to get the information I need from a teenager!?!? Javen thought. The teenager smiled slightly, but uttered not a single word. “Ummm… I’m Javen Light.” Javen said, still a bit shocked.

The Miralukan teen nodded, and replied, “I am Garzulan Lithan. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master Jedi.”

“Likewise.” Javen said, vexed. “But please, just call me Javen. I’m not a Jedi Master yet.” Garzulan nodded. “To be quite blunt, I have some things that need to be answered, and I am sure that a Miraluka could answer them, what with your affinity with the Force.”

Garzulan smiled. “Suit yourself, Javen. I know why you’ve come, and what answers you seek, however it comes with a price. And before you ask, no, I don’t want credits. I already have enough to where I could buy the entire Outter Rim and declare myself king.” Javen raised an eyebrow. “No, what I want is much more subtle. More intriguing to me. I see very little of your future. Your’s is clouded by indecisions and things of that sort. So, I wish to travel with you, as a companion and friend.”

“Well, I’ll take you with me, however, you’ll have to work to be a friend of mine. I know very little about you, other than you own a cantina and you are one of the last of a dying race.” Javen said, a little more coldly than he meant to. He added, a bit more softer, “I have trust issues, it’s not really you, but at the same time, it is. You know what I mean?”

Garzulan nodded, and smiled. “I do, and I believe you to be wise to be on such a guarded path. Most would be quick to judge… over ninety percent would not be in favor of a traveling companion, especially a Miralukan. So I thank you for accepting me. We are not safe to talk here, however. May we talk on your ship, with no fear of eavesdropping?”

Javen nodded, “I assume so. Most of the crew are afraid to enter my room, or even come close to it. But how do we get you out of here, without attracting attention to you?”

Garzulan grinned, his thin lips spread wide, showing his blinding white teeth. “I would think that as a simple obstacle. I come out, being led by you, because I just had eye surgery.” Javen arched both his eyebrows. “Oh, don’t worry, if anyone asks, I’m your fraternal twin Jakob. And you came to the city alone, in search of your long lost twin brother.

Javen grinned, in spite of the situation. “Ah. That actually makes some sense. I presume that you are ready to go?” Garzulan nodded. “Then I suggest we leave immediately, lest we get delayed and hindered by the patrons when they realize who you are.”

The two made their way down to the ground floor of the cantina and slipped out the front door, into the bright sunlight. They reached the wall to the outside of the city, before getting into a bit of trouble.

“HALT!” A dark, menacing voice said, from somewhere behind Garzulan. “Who are you two, and what are you doing?”

Javen spun around, letting go of Garzulan’s arm. “I am Javen Light, and this is my twin brother, Jakob Light.” The young Jedi said, slowly. “We are on our way to Onderon, to meet up with our parents. Our parents got drunk in the cantina and left us here, so I went and found us a transport, while my brother went and got eye surgery done. The poor guy can’t see a thing, and needs me to lead him to our ship.”

“Something tells me not to believe you…” A dark headed man said. He was of medium adult height, had on black robes and a lightsaber hanging from his waist. His gleaming yellow eyes were blood shot.

Javen’s lightsabers were in his hands before he could even think. The man smiled darkly, and drew his blood red lightsaber. Javen jumped over to the other side of the man, to prevent himself or the dark Jedi from hurting Garzulan. The three lightsabers met, sending purple and red sparks soaring into the air. Javen was much quicker than the other man, and quickly destroyed the man’s lightsaber, but that didn’t stop the dark Jedi. He shot lightning at Javen, but Javen deflected it with his lightsabers. Javen turned off one of his lightsabers and hung it on his waist, constantly watching the dark one. He Force pushed the man onto the ground and stunned him.

Javen pulled a set of electromagnetic binders from his pack and put them around the man’s hands. “Maybe you could be of some use to the Jedi Council and Grand Mistress. I’m sure they’d like to know about dark Force users.” Javen said, knowing the man couldn’t hear a single word. Javen picked the man up, and threw him over his right shoulder, and wrapped his arm around Garzulan to continue to ‘lead’ him from the city to the ship.

When they reached the gate, the greasy-haired gatekeeper glanced at them, curious, but didn’t say anything to them. “It’s just around this wall, Jakob. It’s not too far, soon we’ll be back home.”

Garzulan smiled, but kept up the charade. Once they were from sight of the gatekeeper, and out of earshot, Garzulan spoke up. “If you want, I can walk on my own now.”

Javen laughed, hysterically. “But I can’t. This guy weighs a ton, and I don’t want to exert any more energy on myself. It would take all my strength to throw him off of me.” Garzulan laughed, and wrapped his arm around Javen, to keep him steady. “It’s just right around this next corner.” Javen said, breathing a little more heavily.

Garzulan nodded, and they turned the corner, and boarded the ship. The entered the cockpit, with all the mechanics, and Javen told two to take the Dark Jedi off his back. They nodded, but feared that touching the dark man would arouse him, and would result in their deaths. However, their fears proved false, as they took the man to the smallest room on board.

Leah approached Javen, but took a few steps back when she saw the Miraluka boy. “Who’s he? And why do we have more than just you to worry about now?” She asked.

Javen grinned, and looked from Leah to Garzulan. “He’s a friend of mine… the entire reason that I came to Katarr. However, we are both tired, and now we will retire to my room. Please don’t bother us, until we are close to Onderon.”

Leah nodded, slowly. “Alright, but remember if you need anything, just ask, and we’ll make sure you get it.”

Javen nodded, and led Garzulan to the back of the ship, to where his room was. The second they entered the room, Javen’s little astromech droid, TK-713, was by his side, beeping happily. “Hey TK.” Javen said, and sat in the floor. “So, Garzulan, are you ready to talk?”

The Miralukan teen nodded, and began to tell Javen a long prophecy about him…
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