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Sorry it took me so long to get to this DY, I've been busy.

Now to the fic...I like how both arguements were presented. Both were well thought out - you really thought about this issue, I can tell! Alek's arguement was good in the way that he was not some "you have to go to war! kill,kill, kill!" kind of guy. He was very persuasive, and gave a ggod arguement...having Alexandra point out the flaws was very good. Malak (or Alek rather ) just about had me convinced until she stepped in.

I think the great strength of this piece was to show how persuasive Revan and Malak could really shows why so many jedi would follow them. So Alexandra and Alek not getting along? Would not have it any other way. I'm intersted to see how she gets along with Revan.

Good start! And you know the ending? I find that always helps me. Keep it up!


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