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To serve mankind.

So, if you're a fan of the Twilight Zone like myself, you'll get the ref, if not, here's the short version: Aliens come to earth, all nice and helpful, have mysterious book, take people(willingly) to "paradise" and are actually planning to eat them, and the book is a cookbook.

So, with resources dwindling and the human population continuing to grow, along with food-animal populations growing, there is both less and less space and fewer and fewer resources to support them and us, we come upon fewer and fewer non-vegan solutions. Fish populations are dwindling as well while water temperatures rise and reefs and their food sources dwindle while we continue to fish larger and larger numbers.

So, of course, in the footsteps of Johnathan Swift, I come to you asking: What do you think of eating people? We procreate like mad so we're certainly not a resource that's going away. There are several varities and like animals, we'll taste like what we eat, so I'm certain everyone would have a different flavor.

This would also do well to thin the human population. Depending on how many people we'd need to eat a year, we could easily reduce the human population very quickly, allowing for a much smaller impact on our planet and a much smaller reliance on other animals for food. And once the population has been significantly reduced, we could stop and return to eating something else.

I mean, we're already heading in that direction, with PETA's request that Diary Queen use human breast milk and that Swiss(or was it Swedish?)
restaurant that has already said 75% of it's milk use will now be supplied by human female donors.

So what do you all think? Should we being serving mankind?

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