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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!11!!

Seriously, though, I think that population control would be a better solution.
Population control how? Birthing limits? We'd never be able to enforce them in more rural countries where some of the biggest growth it. Their genocides do a better job at that honestly.

Europe's population growth is in the negatives, the US is pretty 50/50, China is slowing, India is slowing. I mean, killing people would be population control, but it'd be a waste of good food too. If you're gonna kill it, you should at least not let it go to waste.

EDIT: ninjaed by your edit: I dunno, lottery might be best. I dunno how old you'd have to allow people to get before they'd be no good. A "food caste" might work, but castes have tended to fall apart in the past. Considering the amount of meat we eat annually, we'd be culling large populations pretty fast.

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