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Originally Posted by Rathoris View Post
(i haven't read the thread so if i'm not making sense please ignore me)
even if the us economy crashes and burns it will still recover eventually. Obviously replacing the current system is going to take an immense effort from both the government and companies involved in this but it's far from impossible.
I even think the hydrogen economy isn't such a bad idea. Obviously we will need to invest in new technologies to support this. But any change requires effort and money and obviously the current reliance on oil isn't going to get us anywhere in the future.
Fuel cells for cars would be a good start.... The PEMFC is a very good candidate and delivers an amazing 60% efficiency vs something like 20% in the combustion engine.
I think that it is important that we invest our resources into perpetual sources of energy(solar and wind) because they are the only permanent long-term solutions that we can trust. The hydrogen-ethanol thing is adding more work for less benefits in providing for the growing demand of energy in the US.

We can only expect that any long-term solution will carry a huge price tag in capital costs and not always be reliable. In theory, it may work out well, but in practice, there are many economic and social issues that can't easily be overcome.

Keep renewable energy in mind, but don't trust in any one simple solution to solve our energy crisis. One of the best ways to conquer supply is to try and reduce demand, but Americans will only give up so much.
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