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My expectations for Kavar's? An intellectual gathering is bound to create an argument. However, instead of just arguing for the sake of arguing, I believe that Kavar's is a place to learn- not only in a normal sense, but in a spiritual/philosophical sense.

I love Kavar's. It's a place to challenge other's opinions, attempt to prove our own, and all the while having a bit of fun. We disagree a lot of the time- hell, nearly everyone in here has taken a shot at each other some time or another. But that's the beauty of it. As long as we keep questioning each other, making sure that our views aren't based on opinions but facts (if that's the type of stuff that floats your boat).

As Sithy said, this place is a playground- a jungle of knowledge. This forum is a tangled web, a mess of learning and education. Without Kavar's, I believe that I'd know a lot less about myself. I try to keep civil here, but, as we all know, that's difficult at time.

Generally, I view the world through the eyes of a liberal: I believe that FDR said something along the lines of 'Above all, try new things- even if you fail, you've learned something from it,' like to live by that philosophy (though, sometimes that's hard). I like to look at the world through other people's point of view, but, at times, I find that quite difficult.

I've got no clue what comes after this, and to be honest, I really don't care. I look forward to continuing my learning experience, whether during school or beyond. Questioning beliefs is fun to me, and I like to apply the same standards to both sides (I recently had an argument with my mom after she criticized an anti-abortion sign on the road. She discontinued the conversation after I suggested that she would have acted differently if the sign had been pro-choice).

I'm overly pessimistic at times, and I tend to view the world negatively, but I've been trying to look on the bright side of things.

A few words of wisdom: It's all in the perception.

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