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Chapter 3- The Dark Jedi

Javen sat still, thinking intently on what Garzulan had told him. Then a thought occurred to him, one that hadn’t before.

“Garzulan?” Javen asked, slightly anxious. The Miraluka turned his face towards Javen, and nodded. “Do you serve the Lightside or the Darkside of the Force? And do you have a lightsaber?”

“I serve both sides equally, from a Jedi’s view point. Though, from my own, I align myself with the Lightside. I can use both of their powers, for I see a Force power not being Light or Dark, I believe that if you use it for evil, then it is wrong.” Garzulan said, slowly but firmly. “And no, I do not have a lightsaber. However, I have been taught how to wield one, so my only problem would be that I would either have to build one, or take one from someone.”

Javen nodded, again diving down into the murky depths of his mind. His eyelids drifted down, until they were completely shut, his body was as relaxed as humanly possible. Suddenly, Javen jumped up, tensed and looking as battle ready as ever. “Come on, we have two things we need to get done before we touch down on Onderon. I fear that we may have already wasted too much time.”

Garzulan cocked his head to the side, but followed Javen out to the cockpit. Javen’s light footsteps were echoed by Garzulan’s own. Eventually, they entered the cockpit, and headed straight for the mechanics.

Javen walked slowly and deliberately, and when he spoke, it was in a precise and articulated way. “Tell me, where did you put that man earlier, I wish to speak with him. Also, do you have a workbench anywhere on board?” The first mechanic nodded, and pointed towards the back of the ship. “Okay, so that’s where your workbench is, but where is that man that I brought in earlier?” The same mechanic pointed again to the back of the ship, too afraid to speak, or unable to… Javen knew not which.

Javen sighed and turned around, followed quickly by Garzulan. “I’m going to have you build a lightsaber, since you said you know how to wield one. In the event of another situation that happened earlier, I could use another lightsaber duelist.” Garzulan nodded. “I have seven color crystals for you to choose from, if you’d like. All the parts of a lightsaber I have as well. The crystal colors are blue, green, yellow, violet, silver, gold, and red.” Garzulan again nodded, but kept his mouth closed waiting for Javen to continue. “So go ahead, and choose which color you’d like.”

“Perhaps the gold, it matters not to me, however. Not like it should, I can’t see the blade.” Garzulan said, with a bit of cold humor. “Yes, I do believe I will take the gold crystal though.”

Javen smiled slightly. “I had a feeling you’d choose that one, what with how rich you are.” Garzulan grinned, flashing his bright teeth. “We’re at the work… bench? It looks more like a card playing table! Oh well, no matter. Here are the parts and crystal you’ll need.” Javen said, handing him the cold metal, the core parts of the saber, and the golden crystal.

Garzulan thanked Javen, and began to work immediately. Soon enough, the lightsaber was completed, it’s hilt was quite elegant, the blade shone as bright as one of the Tatooine suns.

“Quite remarkable. You set the stone correctly, on your first try. Have you ever built a saber before?” Javen asked. Garzulan nodded, hung his new lightsaber on his belt, and pulled out the charcoal black remains of a previous lightsaber. “Hmmm… alright, well we need to attend to the Dark Jedi, are you ready Garzulan?”

“I am. However I sensed a question in you earlier, but didn’t ask about it because you were busy meditating, so may I ask you now?” Garzulan asked.

Javen nodded, and said, “Yes, you may.”

“Why were you so shocked at the fact that I’m sixteen? You yourself are no more than seventeen, and yet you are just as strong with the Force. Is there any reason why you should feel… hindered by me?” Garzulan asked, curious as to Javen’s answer.

“Oh, that. It’s just when I thought of a Miralukan seer, I just kind of expected an adult. It’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just surprised that you were alone in owning the cantina, and living there.” Javen said, carefully. “It quite baffles me that you were living alone…”

Garzulan smiled, a dark and sad smile. “I wasn’t always living alone. My parents at one point owned the cantina. However, if we need to attend to the Dark Jedi, I can tell you this story later, it’s a long one, and wouldn’t do it justice if I had to cut it short.”
Javen nodded, and started walking towards the nearest room. “I think he’s in here, maybe. The mechanics aren’t much help.” Javen opened the door, to find an empty room. “Well, I guess I was wrong. Maybe the next door?” Javen opened up the next door in the hallway, and found who he was looking for. “I knew he was going to be in here.”

Garzulan laughed, lightly and said, “Sure you did, Javen, sure you did.”

Javen began to laugh as well. “I should have known that I wouldn’t of been able to get that past you.”

The two walked into the room, and Javen glared at the Dark Jedi, who began to arouse when they walked in the room.

“Oh, it’s you.” The man spat. “What do [/i]you[/i] want?”

Javen inclined his head. “I would think it rather obvious, then again darkness may have clouded your thinking process.” Both Javen and Garzulan smirked at the man, who was enraged at Javen’s joke. “I want to know why you attacked me in Katarr.”

The man smiled darkly. “Well, do you now? Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. Not like it’d matter if you tortured me to get the information you want, I’d just wind up being killed by my master for being defeated by the likes of you, a mere padawan learner.”

Javen smiled. “A padawan, I may be, but a stronger padawan than a Dark Jedi, apparently.”

“SHUT UP!” The man shrieked. “I will NOT be tormented by you. You are nothing but a weak servant of the Light, I could destroy you now if I wanted to!”

Javen rolled his eyes. “Then do it, oh great failing Dark one. Kill me now.”

The man screamed in rage and shot lightning out of his hands, that rebounded off the wall of the ship, and pierced himself. He screamed, in pain, and then grinned as widely as he could. “So maybe I can’t touch you, but I can kill myself.” He said, laughing manically.

Javen blinked a few times. “You wouldn’t.”

Garzulan spoke up for the first time, “Yes, actually he would. I’d watch what you say, and be careful.” Javen’s eyes widened. “I know, it’s rather disturbing, but then again, you’ve got to look at what your talking to… he’s a corrupted Force user. He uses Sith magic.”

Javen nodded, “Okay, so how am I supposed to interrogate him, without him killing himself?” Garzulan shrugged. “Hmmm… maybe- no, that would be cruel. I’m not too sure, but I believe that I’ll find a way.”

Garzulan nodded. “I believe I feel Onderon’s presence lurking somewhere just outside the ship. I believe that we’d better go to the bridge… you’re girlfriend is getting… restless.”

Javen’s eyes widened, and he spat out as fast as he could, “Leah’s not my girlfriend… she’s just my pilot!”

Garzulan smirked. “Fine, you’re future girlfriend is getting restless.” Javen turned a bright red, and pulled Garzulan out of the room, to the bridge.

Leah cocked her head to the side, when she saw Javen’s blood filled face. “Javen, are you… are you blushing?” Javen quickly shook his head, but Garzulan nodded his head. “Err… we are approaching Onderon, sir, do you want to request to land?”

“Yes,” Javen said, turning a shade lighter. “I would greatly appreciate it if you would Leah.” Garzulan opened his mouth to say something, but Javen threw a hand over his mouth, and whispered in his ear. “Don’t say a word about what you just told me!” Garzulan shrugged and agreed, reluctantly.

Javen let go of Garzulan, walked to the front of the bridge, and looked down at the gigantic planet. It teemed with life, and beauty. It’s sheer massive size of life was enough to make Javen smile. The bright hum of energy, felt strangely comforting to Javen, but that may have been because he hadn’t felt such thriving energy since before he had landed on Katarr. Javen’s bright blue eyes gleamed with excitement at finally meeting his parents, and discovering why his father was so obsessed with him.

Leah looked from one boy to the next, gazing at Javen a little longer than she had intended to. Javen had turned around, just as soon as she was about to look out the window, and their eyes met. His brilliant blue eyes seemed to stun her, and her crystal clear eyes seemed to catch him off guard. Both turned a bright scarlet, and looked down at their feet.

Garzulan grinned, and broke the ice. “Leah, are you so sure that you should be here? Given your… history with the Onderonians.”

Javen’s eyebrows furrowed. “What is he talking about Leah?”

Leah was still looking at her feet, and mumbling softly. “I… at one point, I worked for one of the generals of Onderon. Which is how I have these Onderonian soldier clothes, but the general died, and I fled to Dantooine. The Onderonians have claimed me a traitor and marked me for death.”

Javen’s eyebrows shot upwards. “I, Javen Light…” He took a deep breath before continuing. “Prince of Onderon, do hereby pardon you from your death penalty.” Leah’s eyes shot upwards at Javen, when he revealed himself as the heir to the Onderonian throne.

Garzulan grinned, bigger. “Looks like the two of you were keeping secrets from each other… perhaps it’s best to clear all secrets now.” He said, elbowing Javen in the ribs. Javen rolled his eyes, and jabbed Garzulan in the chest, forcefully, with the ball of his elbow. Garzulan howled, both in pain and glee. “You should tell her, I believe she has a right to know.”

Javen shook his head, slowly. “No, I don’t think that now would be the time.” He said, rummaging through his pack for his neatly cloth-wrapped crown. “There’s not enough time, and so much to say.”

“Not really. I could some it up in two sentences.” Garzulan said, silently. Javen glared at the Miraluka teen, but found his crown by stabbing his thumb into one of it’s sharp points. “I won’t though… I think it should be you who tells her.”

“Who tells me what? I’m not deaf! I can hear what you two are saying.” Leah said. Javen situated the solid gold crown on his head, and then both boys turned their heads towards each other and began laughing hysterically. “This isn’t funny! I want to know.”

“All in due time, all in due time.” Garzulan said. “Actually, I don’t quite believe we’ve been truly introduced. I’ve heard quite a bit about you though. I’m Garzulan Lithan.” He continued, starting to untie the cloth around his head. “I’m…” He slowly pulled the cloth forward.

“YOU’RE A MIRALUKA!” Leah shouted. “I can’t believe it! Javen! Why didn’t you tell me that we had a Miraluka on board?”

Garzulan grinned, and put the cloth back over his eye sockets. “I figured that it was rather obvious.” Javen said, to Leah. “I went to Katarr in search of a Miraluka and I come back with two new people, you’d think that one of them would’ve been a Miraluka. And you saw the other one’s eyes… so I just assumed you knew that Garzulan was one.”

“Captain Wolffe! They have cleared us to land.” A Republic soldier said, slowly approaching the three, obviously terrified of the Jedi Apprentice and the Miralukan teen. He was about medium height, with muddy brown eyes, and had shaggy black unkempt hair. His nose was slightly crooked, as if broken a time or two.

Leah nodded, and spoke concisely. “Very well… prepare to land.” She looked over at Javen, but refused to utter another word to the hard-headed seventeen year old.

Javen grinned, looking down at the rapidly approaching planet. Finally, I will see the home that was always meant for me, the one that I would have lived in, had my mother not given me over the Jedi Order. Javen said, to himself, quite excited. Javen motioned for the same to mechanics that helped him earlier to go to him. “I need you to transport the prisoner over to the palace, for us.” They nodded in compliance, and moved off to get him.

The ship touched down on the ground, and Javen bounded down the loading ramp, followed closely by Garzulan and Leah. Sure enough, a set of Onderonian soldiers stopped the small party in the streets, obviously glaring at Leah. Javen glared at them and cleared his throat, and they all glanced over at the young prince. The golden crown gleamed, as the bright orange sun reflected off of the crown like a mirror. The soldiers stopped, and looked between the two of them, and then bowed down to Javen.

“Stand, I do not wish you to bow to me…” Javen said, smoothly. “I’m much more concerned about my pilot and friend, rather than formalities. I have pardoned her of all charges, that the army has put against her. You may not touch her, and if you so much as look at her in a murderous way, I will have you arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of your miserable life. Do you understand me?” The soldiers murmured to the ground, obviously saying yes. “I want you to spread this throughout the city and army. No one is to harm her.” The group of soldiers murmured again. “Am I understood?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” The entire group rang out, at once, suddenly in unison. “We will provide her with the protection you have specified, sir! Would you like an escort to the palace?”

Javen nodded, and two burly men came stumbling forward. The first had several stripes across the top of his sleeve, obviously a lieutenant for the small group. The second wore just plain soldier clothing, and had a much softer face, than the battle-hardened lieutenant. Both had eerie gray eyes, and short brown hair. In fact, when Javen looked at them, he could barely tell any difference in the two, except that the lieutenant had a thin scar running down his left cheek.

“I am lieutenant Largan Dringsto, and this is my twin brother, Marcus.” The one with the scar said, softly. “We will be your guide in the city, your highness.”

Javen rolled his eyes, and spoke loudly. “I do not want you referring to me as your highness, Prince Javen, Prince Light or Prince highness… I am Javen, simply Javen. That is what my name is, and that is what you will call me.” The two twins bowed, while nodding. “Now then, if you would, take me to the palace.”

The party and their guards made their way up the streets of the big city. “Sir, if I do say so myself, you look extraordinarily like your father, however, you have the queen’s eyes.” Javen smiled, obviously happy with the lieutenant’s words. They reached the front doors to the castle, and parted ways. “Good bye, your high- err… I mean Javen.” Javen waved to the two, and pulled Leah and Garzulan inside the palace.

A high, vibrant scream came rushing at them down the hall. Javen and Garzulan broke out into a run, guided by the Force. Leah was having trouble keeping up with the two Force users. Eventually, the small group came into a gigantic open space, the throne room of the Onderonian Royal Family. A man of about thirty-nine was standing over a human body, silent tears rushing down his face. As Javen approached, he noticed that the body was wearing a tiara… it was his mother that lay dead on the ground. Shock flitted across his face, and then a couple of Dark Jedi jumped out from behind the throne, double-bladed lightsabers in hand.

Both Javen and Garzulan had their sabers in hand, the dim hum of the lightsaber a kind of omnipotent symbol of darkness. Leah drew a vibrosword, and stood between the two lightsaber duelists. The two Dark Jedi however, didn’t have their lightsabers activated, they stood there laughing at the three.

Suddenly, a bright light shrouded the Dark Jedi, and when the light dissipated, they were no longer stand, but rather dead on the floor. Javen looked over at the man standing over his mother, and realized instantly that it was his father, arms parallel to the floor, and that lightning had arched from his fingertips and killed the two Dark Force users…
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