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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
I don't think that's reason enough to hate her. First, you're not the Council and second, that just adds another layer of depht to her character.

It makes her a better character, I don't think anyone denies that - but it certainly makes her less likeable, and therefore more hateable (I fairly sure that is not a word, but whatever)

I would think betraying all of your supposed friends, many of whom died as a result (Vandar) and then still adamently saying you are right is a good enough reason to hate someone. I believe the poll question was "what do you think of Atris?" - this can mean "do you like her or not?" or it can mean "how good of a character is she?" So I think her character idea gets an A. I do not like her at all.

What does not being the council have to do with it? Nobody here is on the council as it's fictional.

@TK-001: You bring up a good point , but why would Atris do her own thing without telling anyone about her real plan, especially when the people whom she is not telling are risking their lives for the original plan? That definatly suggests an alterior motive. I'm not saying that this actually proves she was a dark jedi at this point, but it's possible evidence.

Also, her speaking rudely about the exile at the trial does not suggest that she is dark at all IMO. Perhaps self centered and close minded, but if being rude to the exile was a characteristic of the darkside, almost everyone would be a sith. I think Katarr is evidence, as I have previously stated. Also, the gathering of the holocrons is highly suspicious - perhaps they are what turned her, enslaving her in dark power. Why would this supposed do-gooder go through so much trouble to collect them? Just to put them on shelves while they collect dust? Somehow I don't think so...

Please note that I am not trying to be obnoxious with my arguements. If they come off that way I'm sorry. Honestly I think both of you have made good points...that I just happen to disagree with.


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