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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
I have just read this story in one sitting, and I found it to be very enjoyable.

First the suggestions: Garzulan's joining Javen was rather abrupt...though, I think you smoothed it out a bit. Also, I assume everything with Javen's dead mother and all that will be explained?
Yes... the death of the Queen of Onderon will be explained.
Javen's father is soon to be killed too... and I believe at that point I will explain it.

Originally Posted by HOP
Now the praise!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by HOP
I think Javen, Leah, and Garzulan have good chemistry, I loved their dialogue. Garzulan is fast becoming my favorite - his knowing yet freindly manner is very intersting and refreshing. Javen's background has also caught my attention.
Ahhh... good, then my intentions for Garzulan are coming to. I intended on him to be the favorite character, even with Javen being the main character. Though, as Javen softens up, he will be ever more like Garzulan...
I won't tell you why though... so sorry.

Originally Posted by HOP
Just a question: How is Leah a captain if she is only 19?
All will be explained in great time. Although, I've hinted at it subtly throughout the story.

Originally Posted by HOP
You have a good start here and I think this story has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work - happy writing!

I thank you so much, for your kind words. I haven't began chapter four yet... though I plan to within the next hour... I may or may not have it done within four hours. It usually takes me much longer than that, but occassionally I'll have one done if four hours.
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