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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
I thought perhaps amongst all the current chaos we should perhaps share who we are as individuals and what our expectations in Kavar's are.

I personally see this as a format to express that while life is serious, not everything must be simply confined to a realm or dynamic of seriousness. I believe it is okay to look at life as a joke or whimsy, because we only have one and the one we get should be joyful and not spiteful or filled with malice. While I understand my personality may come off as brash, it in itself is a mockery of my own pre-conceptions of who I am and who I could be. While my political leanings are on the more liberal of sides and I support everyones pursuit of happiness so long as it does not impede on that of others, I also have the perspective that I myself am fallible as all are. I think what Kavar's does for me is it shows me the sides of myself that I was unaware of. A lot of us find our boundaries when we get sucked into these discussions about what we want for our countries, our people, and those we consider friends.

To me Kavar's is a playground to explore ourselves as characters, not only online, but in life itself. After all, as much as anyone may try to separate their personal self from an online alias, it does peak it's head in. I think it serves everyone to look at that from another side and think about the consequences of all our actions.

And to those who have taken offense to my expressions, I apologize for having given insult. I hope you all will believe that my intent is not ill toward you, but my attempt to provide self-exploration in the way of humor.

As my former disclaimer signature once stated: "98% of my actions are entirely fictitious and any similarities to any situation real or fictional is entirely coincidental and the following post was made with the most respectful of intent"

So here I invite you all to share your ideals and sense of yourself and possibly make a thread that will provide the ability to laugh instead of damage or hurt.
True sincerity with a touch of class and illumination. Why take life too serious when there is so much to experience. El Sitherino you are a true man of conviction. You will make someone happy someday.
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