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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Al Gore recently declared that the US had the means and the resources needed to convert most of our oil demands to use solar and wind power instead. He said the US should spend the next 10 years investing in solar panels and setting up wind turbines.

What do you think?
I didn't like Al Gore when he ran for president. I ended up watching his movie, and I saw another side of him. I think he is onto something important. We have so many other potential energy resources; however, we never give them a chance to brew. Solar and wind power are a good start; nevertheless, we should not stop searching for other means. General Motors is working on a fuel cell. We might be able to harness enough power in cells; thus, giving everyone more flexability for expansion. We might find a means to use large fuel cells to power homes; however, they would need to have a recharging mechanism. Al Gore is a humble guy now, and I can see a man who should be president. I like his ideas and environmental concerns.
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