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I don't think that's reason enough to hate her. First, you're not the Council and second, that just adds another layer of depht to her character.
its all made to be part of the experience! the same way you'd love your favorite character, you hate some other ones.
Why would this supposed do-gooder go through so much trouble to collect them? Just to put them on shelves while they collect dust? Somehow I don't think so...
IMO its very 'hapennable' the lure of learning things that may give you an edge for things, stuff your old masters wouldnt want you to learn, but stuff that you can easily get and they'd never know... you obtain a holocron, and learn from it. you feel great: you just learnt stuff that very few people know. (you just became special, a cut above the rest). that holocron you got referred to another one, perhaps by the same person, continuing topics covered in the first one. so you get that one as well and it just so happens that another one came along with it, so you check that one out too...
soon enough you have heaps. one of them requires you slip into a dark trance, something that you feel uncomfortable with, but have always wondered what it feels like... and its for a good cause, you tell yourself. as that last of the jedi, its *imperative* that you stay alive, and this just increases your chances of surviving. it feels sick, but fascinating... you try it again a while later, and this time to dont hold back... and its feels *exilerating!* soon you try all sorts of different things like it, and that sick feeling that you got when you started is a distant memory...
so it would be with her principles. like the trances in the above example, they would slowly be compromised, like a pedestal being chipped away at the sides, until all thats left is a small pole with a platform on it where she stands. she looks down, and the platform she's on looks the same as always has... she thinks its all ok, until as it is in the game, a 'wind' brings it crumbling to the ground, and out of the rubble comes a new person... essentially the same, but with dark robes with a head thing that looks like it was designed by the same blind rodian who designed the sith trooper uniforms...
(wow, that was uber metaphorical. i feel *eloquent*.)

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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