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Originally Posted by Lantzen View Post
Note: This is a spoiler heavy note for PS:T and Fallout

Well, that aint completly true. PS:T don't need a canon since it have nothing more build on it, if they would make a PS:T 2 that also was about the nameless one they would probaly make some of the things canon, like you don't end your game in drowned nation as the new silent king

Same with Fallout, it's canon that you in Fallout1 don't join the super mutants, so they have made some things canon. And id you read the manual to Fallout2 they have a short story about what happend in Fallout1, but if that story is canon i don't know

Almost all RPG i have played that have a expansion or a followup to it make some of the things canon. Apperntly it most be canon that you travled with Imoen, Minsc and Jaheria in BG1, otherwise they wouldent be with you at start in BG2

But the thing about Kotor is just weird, Obsidian designed the game so it wouldent mather if you went DS or LS in Kotor1. So making lsm canon was just a stupid move on their part imo
Just because an expansion or follow up game assumes something doesn't make it "canon". In BG 2 with Imoen, Minsc(Dynaheir), Jaheira(Khalid) and you makes a full party in BG1. Yet the game assumes you know Edwin and Viconia, with cameos from the rest (2 dead, 2 in the tutorial, 1 in "disguise").

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