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PC=dual blades!
i love the green-purple color combination. in k2, viridian-purple. first time i played k2 i didnt bother too much about all those upgrades and all. second time round i was enthralled! i sat there for ages contemplating what upgrades to install/ make. in the second playthrough, i had an actual play style and strategy for combat. so i specially chose everything for the PC - tailoring skills, abilities, upgrades, classes, *clothes*, weapons, powers,... *everything* to go for my play style, rather than "ooh, that sounds neat. *buy*"
and it worked. spectacularly.
now i find it hard to think of choosing another class other than sentinel/watchman because i love having all those skills!
i also made different sabers for different purposes. some to take down droids, some for blaster deflect, some for plain super energy attack...
the first time i missed the 'exile' crystal. second time i had my primary saber with as many different attack types as possible (more chance of more damage), and the other saber with the exile crystal and other 'bolster' crystals to enhance my attributes, and it worked really well.
if you're wondering, i used's watchman strat guide as the base.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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