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Thanks, katanamaru, that's one step closer.
Now, if any modder out there is interested (I'd do it myself, but I don't know jack about modding), I gave it a second thought:
blue: stance like Vader in EpV, animation similar to Desann's, but way faster (and not as mighty)
yellow: stance like in EpVI, as Vader has his saber in both hands, but the blade pointed down, approximately 45°. Animation is good as it is.
red: Vader's stance only seconds after the yellow (same pose, but blade almost straight upwards). As animation, maybe Skywalkers moves during the end of his battle with Vader in EpVI (you know, when he's mady swinging his saber around. Not hitting much, but looking cool).
No idea for dual saber or staff saber stances/animations
But fix that silly walking animation. Where the programmers drunk?

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