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Originally Posted by knigt 12167
I think there would be holovids about the jedi and sith.

Anikin was arrogant and wouldn't expect an attack from a small child

plus a lightsaber can cause a scar as ventress attacked and scarred anikins face with her lightsaber
Yeah, I think so too It just never occurred to me for some reason, and now the idea seems awesome!

Ooh, sorry, I'm not familiar with EU. Thanks for telling That's true, Anakin's just rather full of himself:/ Poor kid though

^^ Sabre's review is good. I must try to be like that more! Hope my nitpicking didn't bother you

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief
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