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For Vader using blue, try out Tavions stance. It is one-handed and very fast. Same code for SP except use tavion instead of desann. For MP same options use mods or make a .sab file that uses those styles. Tavions is overpowered in SP like Desann's but is balanced in MP.

Yellow- You want a custom standing animation?

Red- What do you mean 'seconds after yellow'? Similar stance but with the blade pointed up is my guess.

'Skywalkers moves... swinging madly' Do you mean all new saber swing animations? Cause if you do no one has made and released a whole new saber style. And the part about not hitting much makes me question who would want to use it in a game.

Do you want the original JO walking animations back instead of the two-handed walk? That is easy enough to do. As for your descriptions of the stances you could post some pictures so we can see exactly what you mean. I have a stance that points the saber almost vertical in my stance mod here:;93658
Check out Yellow and Red.

If you can't find any actual pics you could check out some animation packs to see if they have what you're looking for.
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