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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
And knowing about it and doing something about it are two totally different things. If you know a Hurricane could strike at any time during the season, then you're either going to prepare for it, or not live there. It's all the people who seem ambivalent about it happening that cause the problem.
Buildings built after 1988 must have plywood cut and labeled for each window on a home or business. Yet, the state cannot force people to put it over their windows.

Every year I purchase batteries, bottle water and canned food. I also keep 2 ten gallon gas cans and a up to date first aid kit.
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Which could be properly designed for, but really isn't. Big square structures do not take to wind or water force kindly.
But they are if they were built after 1988. I would much ratter have the companies along the coast using salt water than be inland using fresh water for their needs.
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Because the water is what caused the mold. Declining payments on these kinds of basis is just a low blow and they know it. Mold didn't magically appear when the storm hit. The water from the storm caused it.
We are talking about two different matters. You are talking about flood water damage. Flood is written through the National Flood Insurance Program and not by private insurance companies. The National Flood Insurance Program through FEMA which is a part of Homeland Security does not now and never has covered mold damage. They pay to replace the wall up to a certain amount above the flood damage, if this is done properly and in a timely matter mold should not be an issue. It cases like New Orleans where the government kept people from caring for their property after a disasters it presents a major problem. Blame the government as they kept the people out and are also the insurer in flood cases.
Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Sure, that could be a minimal thing to do, keep those most prone to injury or death, and not NEEDing to be there for work, away from the most heavily damaged areas.
So the government should make elderly people move away from those that love and care for them? Who is going to care for them then?

Originally Posted by KinchyB View Post
Does Canada count?
With all respect to our friends from the great white north. Canada is a beautiful place to visit and I am planning to visit it in a little over a year for Vancouver 2010! However, it is too cold for a Texans like me. Just as it is most likely to hot here for them to enjoy this place.

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