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Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
Very well put, JIGOS.

I didn't mean to say Atris thought "Sweet, sith relics! Let me bask in their dark power! Muuaahahaha!" It was probably a gradual change as you suggested.

People like Kreia better because she is more subtle about it. Okay, it was obvious that she was a baddy from the start, but she was not as whiny or bossy as Atris. Also, Kreia did what ever was best for herself, and was willing to change her opinion or actions if the need arose. Atris stubbornly stuck to a flawed set of beliefs that reduced her to a whining schutta. Kreia had the subtle power of manipulation over evryone. All Atris did was order around her Handmaidens, who would obey her without manipulation. Just my two cents.


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