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TSL Music Improvement Mod

Well, I'm working on a new music mod, except this one will be much larger than my previous. This one will include remasterings of every music track in KotOR 2.

One thing that you may or may not know, but the music included in the High Quality Patch isn't as high quality as it's expected. Instead, it's in a compresses Wave format, with a sampling rate of only 22,050 Hz. Now, that is half the quality of an audio CD. It's still better than the original music tracks which are encoded with a pitiful 11,025 Hz sampling rate, but it's still not good enough. Of course, with the Miles Sound Tools, you can decompress the audio, thus allowing it to playback in full, CD quality 44,100 Hz. When listening to the music in the highest quality available, especially with headphones, you hear a lot more depth, and you even hear instruments that you couldn't hear with the original music. Thankfully, this will mod include tracks with the best quality possible.

I'm still debating on whether to use the MP3 format or the uncompressed Wave format. Obviously, the uncompressed Wave format will be of better quality, but at the cost of storage space. If I do use the MP3 format, it will be at the highest but rate available for MP3s, which is 320kbps, and even that has outstanding quality, along with a lightweight storage size. Plus, I can even add ID3 tags, allowing the tracks to be played on a MP3 player.

On to the actual alterations that I've done, I'm adding several effects, including a slight reverb to some themes, and I'm also adjusting the equalizer on some, especially ones which have some big brass in them, to give them a much bigger sound. Overall, you'll hear a much pronounced soundtrack.

Here's some of my work:
Rebuilt Jedi Enclave Theme
Telos Battle Theme
The Sith Lords Main Theme
M4-78 Main Theme

Download Link:
KotOR Files

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