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Originally Posted by Zack Fair View Post
Nope, if you read the book, Galen realizes when he's fighting the Emperor that he was behind everything, that he was the one that had his father murdered, that had him raised in darkness and pain, etc. It comes to him as they are trading lightning.
Sith lie though, Palpatine always says he has everything planned out, but in Ep. III for example he gets close to being killed a couple of times (Mace pwnd him, and so did Yoda)...Yet in the end it always goes "according to plan".

Until Vader throws him down a shaft that is

I do think Vader wanted to kill the Emperor, but he was more intent on using Starkiller, maybe to weaken the Emperor, or weaken them both in a fight so he could take control and kill them both.

"I killed a man cause he killed my goat."
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