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Originally Posted by Burnseyy View Post
Funniest mental image, ever.

Anyway, yeah. I didn't vote the 'i hate her so much I'd cut her to bits', because really - she's not that unlikeable (if thats a word?) her character definitely adds depth to the story line, and everyone loves a good 'fall to the dark side' story. The fact that the writers made everyone dislike her is really good, because that was their point.
If people like her, then that's for their own reasons... but I'm preeeetty sure the majority don't.

Besides, I was sort of relieved to get to her place on Telos, after all of that fighting, where Bao, Atton or Kreia couldn't stay alive for more than two minutes. A nice little chat over a cup of tea. Ahh.
Alright, I'm not thinking about you the same way again. I cannot sympathize with someone who's beliefs are so weak, yet behaves so hypocritically. I despise Atris because she is so convinced of her own superiority that she is dangerous. My aunt is just like Atris... even worse since suffering a head injury. If Atris were truly mad, then she would be the greatest sith EVER.
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