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Smile A quick and deadly skirmish

Today I worked in the east fields. My hands are sore and aching but I have set up the data pad so it writes what I speak. Enjoy!

We continued on and on and on. Everyone in the group was exhausted, wanting to call for rest but resisting in a show of jedi-like valor. I took out surprised clones by shooting blue light at the general direction of their heads. Everything was going fine until “IT” happened. The things I am about to say I have played through my mind thousands of times trying to discover what I could possibly have done to save the young Jedi. It all happened in a flash. We had reached the corridor. I sneakily glanced through a small door way that led to the main hangar section. I noticed a group of unsuspecting clone engineers, who were attaching explosive to all the jedi craft. Luckily my ship the “Pacifist” was obviously being kept in one piece so the bantha fodder enemies could loot the collection of weapons and jedi artifacts I had recovered before the outbreak of the war.

I hastily did the unique jedi sign language in the direction of the battle ready Jedi. It was said in the archives that the language was used before modern technology destroyed the need to use it. Luckily all jedi were taught the language so they could silently communicate while holding negotiations or mapping out a plan silently. I could see that some of the young ones were looking at me in confusion. They were obviously not fluent.

I snuck through the small doorway. I was hoping the clones would be so immersed in there sabotage that I could silently take them out with the combat knives that I always wore in a sheath at my hip. As usual no such luck.

One of the men glanced up seeing me while I was hideously exposed in the hangar filled only with a couple of crates to use as cover.

This particular clone was a quick one and said


He didn’t get the chance to finish the sentence as I had pulled him towards my freshly activated light saber, but I imagine the sentence wouldn’t have ended in “Dearie me,’

I might have been able to contain the situation if the young jedi hadn’t decided to make their appearance at that moment. One of the eldest, who I think was a green twilek male cried

“Death to the clones!”

They charged through the doorway as stupidly noisy as possible, blocking the occasional shot the engineers managed to sneak out before they were killed by the young Jedi.
There was one boy who had sense enough not to fight the clones but to use the force to dash into the cover of my ship. Unfortunately most of the jedi were in battle frenzy. This was brought on by one of the youngest in the group being killed in the quick skirmish. I began to call them towards my ship while I simultaneously covered all the exits. Alas I didn’t cover the huge hole in the wall that the ships went through to enter Corucant’s airspace.

In a flash of light a clone gunship appeared and fired missiles directly at all of us jedi in the hangar. I imagine one of the clones must have called up the cavalry before they were killed.

Those that survived the missiles by leaping away were then mowed down by the beam of energy that was generated from the gun turret attachment. I survived by hiding behind a stack of crates, praying to the force that a missile wouldn’t separate my head from my body. I foolishly believed that the gunship would simply float away. Once again I was wrong. Obviously the pilot was one of the Fett brand so he had the proficiency to activate the infra-red camera. I sensed through the force what would happen long before the trigger was pulled. It seemed the pilot had run out of missile ammo as instead he ordered the marksman at the turret to fire.

A beam of green light missed me by a whisker.

I then did what had happened in many a holovid. Using a great burst of strength I leapt up in to the gunship and accordingly began to slaughter every one aboard. I knew technically I should have given the unarmed pilot a chance to live but the clones had proved in their vicious attacks they were no better than their droid counterparts.

I was gifted with a massive clone gunship. I used it with brains rather than brawn or rather a mixture of the two. I hacked into the com computer and stored the information into a fresh data pad so I could find out exactly exactly what the clones had been up too. I jumped out of the gunship back into the hangar.

I then saw an opportunity and took it. I pushed the massive floating monstrosity with the force towards a patrolling clone transport. There was a gratifying crunch and an explosion.

I glanced briefly towards the poor young souls that lied dead against the cold metallic floor of the hangar. Most of them were just ash or horribly burnt and disfigured bodies. I was supposed to have saved them. I thought darkly that the clones might have shown mercy if I had left them in their quarters. I knew they would have been killed whatever I had done with them but I was still depressed.

The taste of victory had escaped and was replaced by a grim determination to rid the galaxy of the clone menace. I sprinted up the loading ramp of the ship and began to prime the engines in the cockpit. I took off quickly before another gunship turned up. I knew it wasn’t over yet………………………

Next chapter on the way tomorrow

thankyou all for ur reviews

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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