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Your critisizm is a great help.

keep it up

I think a holomovie would be a great oppertunity for a fic

Thanks for the posotive review sabre

I' might continue on with my old fic when i finish this one.It would also be great if someone told me how to put a link the the fic on my sig so more people get to read!


well here it is

At first I thought I was home free. I considered staying on planet and finding some sort of safe house. I knew just the place. Just the week before the attack on the jedi I had busted a criminal gang that was selling a highly illegal load of weapons called the “Ark Caster” which was a weapon that shot electricity which could chain through a group of enemies. The criminal gang’s hideout was on one of the lowest levels of Corucant and it would be unlikely that the clones would venture to a place that was ridden with gangs that didn’t like the law. I shook the notion from my head believing I could head to some random planet and take shelter so this situation would blow itself over.

I was flying at a very, very large amount of speed. I only did not crash into a speeder carrying the nightlife because of my jedi reflexes.

My ship is a 2C11 luxury freighter package with turbo laser attachments. I had come into possession of the ship on a mission to Alderan where I saved an influential shipbuilder, building combat ships for the republic from being assassinated by the separatist threat. The shipbuilder was walking down the street towards the republic embassy to a conference with the military when the assassin struck. It was a simple assassin droid that fired the shot which I blocked easily.

That is another tale but I had grudgingly accepted the offer for the ship. Since then I had made many attachments. Most of them were booster attachments which made it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy second only to the Millennium Falcon which was currently owned by a rich Twilek senator. The Pacifist included a shower, a computer and a bunk room along with several other appliances. Needless to say I was very proud of my ship.

A blast and a rocking ship woke me from my fantasizing. I checked the backwards camera and discovered I was in pursuit, being followed by and Arc 100 republic star fighter which is the predecessor to the x wing. The class of star fighter chasing me was famous for its use by the 502nd clone pilot regiment. That regiment was famous for engaging the late General Grievous in a dogfight.

I cursed. The “Pacifist” was supposed to man by two people. One to drive and one to man the blaster cannon. There was a shot and an explosion. At first I thought I had been hit but my shields were still at maximum power. With a shock I realized someone was firing at my pursuers via the blaster cannon located on the top of my ship. It was strange and dangerous since it was such a populated area. Activating the cameras, my heart leapt to see that one of the younglings were alive and well while firing the cannon. A quick glance at the young jedi revealed he was a human male, about 12 years old .He had dark sort of skin and a tan from going on many field trips with master Yoda. He also had black hair and deep blue piercing eyes that shine like the sea. (Not Corucant's sea, as it is dark and polluted).However there was something quite strange about him. He had two blue leku attached to his head. I realized that he must be a cross breed between a human and a blue twilek from Rycloth.

I did a nosedive to stop a blast hitting the hyper drive exhaust. I couldn’t believe that the clones were firing in such a populated area. Although it was early morning all the nightlife and drunks were going back to their homes. Or their hover benches at the park. The chase continued. We entered the red light sector, which was famous for its nightclubs. I nearly crashed into the famous Eiffel tower. It was an ancient monument that had been built as a shrine by the natives of Corucant long, long ago.

I realized that if I didn’t get off Corucant’s streets some innocent citizen would be killed. Gently I began to ease the ship upwards. Dodging the speeders and ships was hard work and I was only running on the forces energy along with adrenaline. I took an energy stimulant out of storage container above the cockpit and slapped it on. When this was over I was going to have a huge coffee as I recall I had just brought some of the best beans from a market in the city. The beans were from the famed chocolate making sector of Coco.

I remember dodging several large skyscrapers and buses. A blast was fired and one of my pursuers was blasted to smithereens. In the confusion the other enemy burst into flame.

I left the atmosphere with a shudder and immediately went into hyperspace punching a random planets coordinates. I began heading towards……………..tomorrow.

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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