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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I used that NPC head for one of my Echani PCs, and the problem I had, was that there isn't any mask or goggle hooks (so she can't wear masks). I still haven't been able to fix that. Have you? If you have, I'd sure like to know how. If not, are you ok with her not being able to wear goggles? Otherwise, it is a nice model to use (especially the earings).
As I've played through for testing, I've found that she can equip masks. I dunno why it wouldn't work for you, though. I was drawn to that head after my last play-through of KotOR. (I liked the earings too.)

I'm going to do an option for those who want the zombie look and those who just want the Sith Eyes. I'll try to get pics of them up as soon as I'm done with each transition.

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