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I think that some new guy should be the PC. He/she could be a young sentient who is the apprentice of Jolee. Jolee then one day gets a vision of the future, and decides that you and he are going to run off to the unknown regions to find Revan and help or stop him, depending on what you find. Then when you're about to leave, Jolee is attacked by a Sith assassin (NOT the ones from TSL, but a genuine Sith who is acting as an assassin), and he orders you to leave without him while he's fighting because you're not ready to fight this new Sith and Jolee isn't sure if he is either. So you go off into unknown space with a couple droids (possibly T3 and a 'pacified' HK ) to do your thing, picking up companions along the way. In the end, you find out that the 'assassin' was actually the Exile, and that she has become Revan's apprentice, who has once again assumed the title Darth and has the Mandalorians led by Canderous for a fleet/army. Jolee survived the fight and shows up with the Republic Fleet which clashes with the Mandalorians fleet and you need to defeat Mandalore, Exile, and finally Revan as boss fights. Of course this would include appearances from Carth and Bastila with the Republic Fleet, and possibly people like Visas, Mical, and Atton serving Revan, or even Mira and Bao-Dur as prisoners or something. Just threw all this out there as a possibility. Also I'm assuming a LS playthrough, DS would lead to the obvious vice versa boss fights alignments etc...

Though I actually think that Bioware is going to MMO the series and say Revan and Exile are lost in space become more powerful so you can join them and defeat the great evil of the day.

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