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Depends on what you mean by destroyed as well. I mean New Orleans had been around a long time before Katrina. Galveston had been destroyed once in like the 1800's before Ike hit. I think I'd rather take my chances with a hurricane over moving to Kansas. I live in AZ right now. All it'll take is a bad drought. We also have dust storms and flash flooding. In fact there was a town that was destroyed because of flooding. Colorado Springs where I lived before had severe storms that would sneak up on ya and end up killing people(if you live in the area, you know the name Monument Hill as a bad spot for that). They have tornados and heavy snow storms. California has wildfires mudslides and earthquakes. The question is why tell people to move away from places where the danger can be predicted and warned about several days out for a place that the danger can hit without warning? Seems kinda backwards to me.
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