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TSL Ultimate Warrior Combination

This combination is for the lightsaber masters like myself. What this combination will do is not only make you nearly impervious to melee damage but also make you dish out more damage. You can easily get all these items with the savegame editor(even the armors from the Sith Armor mod after you have installed it of course). Or you can get them via cheats. If you want to get them with cheats just ask and I'll post them.

Prerequisites: Constitution Level 18, Shem's Sith Armor Mod

Head: unless you like the look of the headgear I would just leave it empty.

Implant: Numbness System

Gloves: Echani Accuracy Gloves

Shield(Left): <FullName>'s Armband

Shield(Right): Naomi's Armband

Armor: Sith Master Armor(I altered the appearence so the master armor looks like the lord armor)

Upgrades for Armor: Ballistic Mesh Shielding mark III, Durasteel Underlay mark V

Belt: Immortality Belt

After the above items you don't need to worry about your lightsaber. But if you want a super-powerfull lightsaber post a reply here saying you want the combination and I'll post it here too. I'll also list the recomended feats and powers as well if you want me to.

Everybody Enjoy!!!

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