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Feagildin I liked all of your ideas for a new characters except for Revan and the Exile being the ultimate bad guys along with Canderous. It just upsets me to know that we would have to play as a new character that would end up killing our God 1 and God 2 lol I mean wtf were we playing those bad asses for if they were just gonna be killed by some new character. And there is no way the Republic can win against the Mandalorians sided with Revan with the Exile knowing there is no Jedi Order to aid not to mention the Republic is already do very bad off so its like putting a random Canok that all of a suden runs up and bites Nihilus on the leg and Nihilus gets all serious about killing it. Now if you were to make it so the Republic and Mandalorians side up which is what I think Revan (canon) wanted to use to defeat the terror from the dark, True Sith, the Unknown Army or whatever you want to call it.
But still in my opinion we get to play the Exile on the search for Revan and once we find Revan the real story begins in which we get to start making some serious choices including whether we start playing as Revan or stay playing as the Exile or we some how just starts off as Revan from the begining of the game I have a quick idea of what could happen for my first idea.
You have just finished creating both the Exile and Revan (The customization is a bit different just with Feats and Power though, you get a little more) than the whole Star Wars scroll thing appears. You begin as some character like a "programmed" HK-50 who begins talking a Republic Officer (This is just to choose whether Carth is dead or not) to request an emergency meeting with Carth and Bastila and here is where you can say things like.
Observation: The Exile did not seem too happy about the Republic winning the battle and other options to decide the gendre and aligment of Revan and the Exile.
You are drifting away from Malachor 5 (You see falling apart or just normal which is pretty much falling apart to buts that not the point.) Almost half of the ship is block offd due to damage and the only parts available are the main room (One with Mira, Goto, Mandalore.) and the pilot's area (Atton).
Than Carth's ship appears and every things happens you begin talking etc etc.
Carth yet again asks about Revan and now you get to answer with some what better answer like Revan has remembered something in the unkown and that is where we must go. NOW FINNALY Carth and Bastila start bugging the $#@! out of HK, T3 and Mandalore.
Soon you are all out on to the Unknown World. The point is to find out where Revan may be, find Revan as quick as possible, have a love joy reunion, and start your quest to decide the fate of the Galaxy while at war with those to claim to be the remnents of the True Sith Order who have corrupted planets and hid them aka unknown to even the Republic and managed to use them to create the Empire of the Dark Side.

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