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If you want to play with a group of friends in an RPG like KotOR thats why they could make Co-Op which I think is possible all it does is when one player uses the menu the other player is asked to pause the game or to keep playing which makes the other player mad so he does it again until the player sayings NO gives in so they can equip a shared invetory or something. And when pause time is used to use action que the same scenario happens. For co-op you can either pick to start a new game in which you both create characters in this case Revan and the Exile or play on an already saved game which pits Player #1 as either Revan or the Exile (whichever is PC) and Player #2 gets to pick an NPC character (most likely bad ass Mandalore/Canderous or HK-47 or some new bad ass) and gets to level them up from 1 to the level Player #1 is at. This is up to 3 player co op. That I wouldnt mind but what you are saying is hey I am about to battle a Boss as REVAN why do I just leave this level quickly to go get some friends who ARE REVAN REVAN EXILE EXILE so we all can.
If someone thinks of playing with a friend they think co op not MMO.

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