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Originally Posted by okiecircus View Post
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Sorry that I posted on the wrong forums. I should have realized that Lucas Arts just badged it. Sad that their badge is on this game.

Yes, I'm at the right door because I had already gone into the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to get the lost captain for the guys in the apartments/slums. I also ripped off all the chemicals from the junkies in the bar.

When I launch the updater it says I have the latest version. My game is vanilla I haven't installed anything.

I'm thinking my machine is to good for this game. Because if I bump the resolution down and take off AA, AS, then she isn't even wearing an environmental suit after the cut scene with Squidbert.

Either way, suit or no suit, I have to run through the lounge door with her, it won't open, it's like my character's clipping is off in the game or something.

Thanks for the ideas folks.
I have had the same door won't open problem. I figured out a way to solve it though. Before I got the TSLRP and the K2RP I actually had to do something very odd. First I installed the TSL Hak Pad mod with the booster pack and then I installed the whereami armband mod. The two conflicted but the whereamiarmband is bugged and the hak pad and armband mod together fixed it. Instead of going to the hak pad menu like I should when I click the icon it gives me the effects of the whereami armband. I get close the the private lounge door and click open door when the option comes after I have clicked the hak pad button. I have not gotten far enough with the TSLRP installed to see if I do not have to do that when I do get there I'll post.

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