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Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
You know I think that's what is going to happen.

The wait is over? No one was waiting for KOTOR MMO because there never was one. But all KOTOR fans were WAITING, PRAYING for KOTOR SPRPG. They said we haven't forgot about the KOTOR franchise, and I'm sure they saw that KOTOR I was far superior from BioWare compared to KOTOR II from Obsidian, at least according to the reviews. I'm betting it's SPRPG of KOTOR.
Before I get to my answer, let me say that I'm a big fan of SPRPGs and not MMOs.

Now, although it's true that KOTOR fans (myself included) have been waiting for a long time for another KOTOR game, it's just as easy to read the "The wait is over" as referring to an MMO that non-KOTOR SW fans have wanted ever since they saw how bad SWG was, as in, "Thank goodness, the wait for a seriously good SW MMO is over." Remember, not all SW fans are KOTOR fans. . .

I'm jus' sayin'. . .we'll find out for sure in six days.

Personally, I'm hoping that the "interactive entertainment product" is KOTOR 3 and the other big news is a KOTOR MMO. That way, both camps are happy. It's doubtful, I think, that that'll be the case but, hey, wishing's still free.

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