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The young guard was nervous, very nervous. It was his first day on the Red Guard squad that personally protected Emperor Palpatine and already he was being thrown into a confrontation with the most powerful man in the galaxy.

"Your apprentice has arrived as you requested my lord," said the young guard in a shakey voice.

"Send him in," replied the Emperor in his usual heartless cold voice.

The young guard practically ran from the Emperors personal chamber.

He told Vader in an adjoining room that his master was ready to see him.

Vader was, unfortunately for the young guard, in a horrible mood as he had just woken from a horrible nightmare about his wife’s death. He casually picked up the Red Guard with the force and began to do a force choke . Vader noticed liquid running down the guard’s leg. Vader crushed the poor guard in disgust and casually began to walk towards the sith emperors personal chambers. He entered with a bow.

"Imperial intelligence has discovered a group of jedi in the space port of Alderan. I want you to track them down and bring them to me so I can execute them personally," Said the emperor to his apprentice.

"Yes my master," Vader turned to leave thinking that killing a few jedi would be a great stress buster.........

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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