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Actually Bimmer, by American look, I mean unique to a manufacturer. For instance you can tell a BMW driving down the road at a glance. You don't have to wait until you see the badge that says BMW to know what it is. But now most cars look almost identical to the Japanese equivalent, have worse or at best on par fuel economy, and a higher sticker price. With all of that, if you are going to buy one, you'll likely go for the Japanese one even if on price alone. It's pretty sad when the most unique vehicles are the trucks.

I'm not whining about car prices. I can actually afford any new car I want. Just very few draw my attention any more. I run drag races, and generally take older cars to the track. Obviously they are not going to be fuel efficient in the least. I don't whine about fuel prices either. I just drove 1800+ miles for the heck of it, in a pickup truck no less. A pickup that I bought for $500. I just feel that the costs are prohibitively high for the average consumer. I took inflation into account. That's why I note the average income increase versus the average car cost increase. Average income increased 6% and the average car cost increased 110%.

Believe me I really do not like UAW. Actually not a big fan of unions in general. They served their purpose before, however they have become too much of a burden on the employers and even the employees. I've seen how union shops tend to work and I can't stand it. Promotions based on time in the job rather than merit, forced breaks, limitations on who can do what, for how long....

Haha as for the stripper cars, must be the racer mentality. All that stuff is more stuff you gotta take out. I think we could get prices down if they would start coming out with stripper versions. Of course the first thing would be to get the union out of the automaker. Now might be the best time for it. Nobody is buying cars, no need to build them... let them go on strike... Hire an all new non-union workforce at a fraction of the cost. Bah who am I kidding.. there's probably some contractual thing...
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