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heres one for those using Vista... do you like an uncluttered desktop? Not only does it contribute to your sense of tidyness but having more "black" on your screen actually reduces the power consumption of your monitor(just like a screensaver)

Heres a cool vista sidebar gadget called sidelauncher that allows you to put all your apps shortcuts and folders into a nice neat launcher. It actually uses what in in the quick launch tray, but that tray, and desktop icons can subsequently be hidden.. all you get is this:

quite nifty[/IMO]

Immediately below that is the multi sensor gadget. It works with the everest system utilties app to display key readings. Only allows 5 readings on there, though you can pick which 5. I find it great to monitor the impact of folding of my kit It also means you can hide those garish everst icons from your system tray.

Heres what they look like on an overall deskie:

mmmm...power saving minimalism

seeing power consumption has been mentioned, might as well mention Blackle. Its basically google search but will minimal colours/no white background, thereby saving just that little but of power each time you use it. The site has a 'watt hours saved' meter, which is quite cool to keep track of if you are into that type of stuff


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