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Originally Posted by Gawain View Post
Before I get to my answer, let me say that I'm a big fan of SPRPGs and not MMOs.

Now, although it's true that KOTOR fans (myself included) have been waiting for a long time for another KOTOR game, it's just as easy to read the "The wait is over" as referring to an MMO that non-KOTOR SW fans have wanted ever since they saw how bad SWG was, as in, "Thank goodness, the wait for a seriously good SW MMO is over." Remember, not all SW fans are KOTOR fans. . .

I'm jus' sayin'. . .we'll find out for sure in six days.

Personally, I'm hoping that the "interactive entertainment product" is KOTOR 3 and the other big news is a KOTOR MMO. That way, both camps are happy. It's doubtful, I think, that that'll be the case but, hey, wishing's still free.

Like what I though when I pointed out they were two different things on BioWare's site.

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